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A New Day

We are blessed to live in Sedgwick County! From our neighborhood churches and schools to our incredible companies that literally change the world, there is no better place to live and raise a family. However, we can and must do better. We need leadership willing to listen and work with our partners in the community to bring more jobs to our region. We need leaders dedicated to keeping our taxes low and our quality of life high. I have the experience and the proven track record to make that happen. With your help we will make Sedgwick County a leader in the 21st century.

My Story

Michael O'Donnell is a 4th generation resident of Wichita. Michael and his family have been dedicated to our community for over 50 years attending schools and Grace Baptist Church where his father has been the Senior Pastor since 1984.


Michael was elected to the Wichita City Council in April 2011 and now serves as a Kansas State Senator since 2013. He continues to be a voice of fiscal responsibility for all Wichitans.


Michael is a graduate of Friends University with a degree in political science and currently serves as the Chairman of Sedgwick County Young Republicans.

Michael O'Donnell and Bob Dole


Food Taxes

There are a lot of things I want to see the Wichita area lead the nation in doing. Having one of the highest sales taxes on food is not one of them.


That’s why I am fighting to cut Kansas food tax – I will not vote for any budget plan next year that does not include some tax relief for food purchases.


Since entering the State Senate in 2013, I’ve helped write laws that protect seniors against con artists and criminals by increasing prison time for Medicaid fraud, lengthening sentences for securities fraud that targets seniors, and increasing penalties for con artists who victimize Kansans over 60.


As a State Senator, I’ve fought for each classroom and made sure your tax dollars make it to the teachers and the students – where it is needed most.


Our schools and school systems are in desperate need for lawmakers who support their efforts.

Preserving Health Care

Health care functions at its best when it is between you and your doctor, not you and the federal government.


I will oppose ObamaCare consistently to make sure WE have control of our own health care – not the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Each time, I will vote against ObamaCare.

Limiting Federal Govt.

I will preserve our independence by combating government overreach in our lives.


Out-of-control federal spending must be addressed and spending on non-constitutional programs must be eliminated. We no longer have an option.

Defending Constitution

The 1st and 2nd Amendments are under attack daily – freedom of religion and speech, and the right to keep and bear arms.


I will consistently fight to uphold these constitutional amendments.

Job Creation

I will never stop working until the business climate in Kansas is the best in America. We must have a tax structure that encourages job growth and strengthens the middle class.


I support tax cuts that focus on new jobs and more take home pay – for every family and small business.

Stop Wasteful Spending

It is imperative to have lawmakers in Topeka who can and will make tough decisions for our state. I want to cut wasteful spending in Topeka and get us on course for fiscal responsibility.


I know when to say enough is enough and end the waste and mismanagement throughout government.

Guarding Lives

I will fight for the life of every Kansan from conception to natural death and will promote our law enforcement daily.

I appreciate your help and support for my campaign for Kansas Senate.  Any amount is appreciated. You may donate up to $1000 per person.

In the News

As a leader, I believe that it's just as much about what you "do" as it is what you "say". Here are the issues I refused to let go unattended and influenced to take care of the people I represent.

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